We founded this company on a few core beliefs—the main one being that therapy should be centered around your child!  Because of this belief, we specially designed our gyms so that children want to run and play, and THEY LOVE IT!!  We do not believe children should have to wait to succeed, so we promise to be able to schedule evaluations within 2 weeks and offer intensive pediatric therapy treatment (2 or more times a week) so quicker progress can be made.

Who Are We

We are Utah’s innovative leaders in pediatric therapy.  We are passionate about child development and helping each child piece their world together and realize the hero within.  As a therapist-owned and operated clinic, our priority is to ensure that each treatment session is individualized and addresses many skills so your child is “Learning to Play and Playing to Learn”.

What Do We Do

We create an environment and circumstances that provide us with the opportunity to help children live life easier.  We alleviate the suffering and improve the lives of children through fun and effective pediatric occupational, feeding, speech, and massage therapy.  Our treatments address the underlying problems and not just the symptoms.  Our multidisciplinary, highly trained staff will improve your child’s ability to successfully navigate through life.  We use cutting-edge, evidence-based therapy along with sensory integration to help create an environment and activities that expand your child’s ability to function with more ease, become their best ‘hero selves’, and fit into their world with less stress.

How We Do It

FUN is at the core of everything we do at FUNctionabilities. Because of this, children don’t realize how hard they are actually working. Whether your child is working with a speech pathologist, occupational therapist, or some other experienced team member, we focus on making therapy FUN, which allows us to tackle the purpose or FUNction of each task, while directly impacting child development—your child’s power, capacity, and ability to do what their peers so effortlessly do.

“I used to go to 4 places to get what I get here.” (Lisa D.)