1. Secrets to Your Child’s Home Exercise Program

    Do you have a hard time completing your child’s home exercise program? I believe parents too often take on more than the day has hours. Although well-intentioned when you commit to doing a home exercise program with your child it gets pushed back in your day until it just doesn’t happen. Today…Read More

  2. Discover Why Your Child Needs to Play More

    Is your child getting the right amount of play? In this digital age kids often learn to use electronics before they can read and write.  I hope to be a developmental advocate because I know it is easy to forget about the important basics that help children learn, grow, and thrive.  If you ask a pa…Read More

  3. Does My Child Need Speech/Language Therapy?

    How Do I Understand if My Child Needs a Speech Specialist? There is no simple answer, but here are a few ways to distinguish your child's needs. Preschoolers frequently have troubles with enunciation as well as troubles placing sentences together.  Many young children still replace an 'f' or 'd' so…Read More

  4. Is Occupational Therapy for Children?

    "Occupational Therapy with children, really?"  It is interesting to be in a profession, Occupational Therapy, where the majority of people around you don’t know what you do.  Often we are asked with a quizzical look: “So Occupational Therapy; you work with people looking for a job?”  Perhap…Read More