For children with ADD and ADHD, pediatric occupational therapy can be life-changing.

Occupational therapists work with kids, helping them master skills they need to navigate daily life. But therapists also help parents by teaching them skills and techniques they can apply at home to help their attention-deficit child.

As a result, kids can overcome academic challenges and more successfully form social bonds and meaningful relationships.

What Is Pediatric Occupational Therapy?

An “occupation” in this context is anything we do in the normal course of a day. For children, this can be anything such as eating, bathing, getting dressed or going to school.

A trained therapist – who may have specialized education and training in motor learning, child development, cognition, etc. – helps kids improve their ability to successfully navigate these tasks.

Children learn to identify and perform the correct behavioral response in any given context. The therapist works with the child to master the cognitive or motor skills necessary to perform the task.

This therapeutic modality is evidence-based and all natural, with no risks of side effects or interactions.

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How Does Occupational Therapy Help Children with ADD & ADHD?

Occupational therapy doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, therapists evaluate a child individually to identify his or her unique challenges and designs a program to address those. Therapy sessions consist of various programs designed to assist the child with specific challenges and teach targeted skills.

The second component of this modality involves parents and caregivers. Parents learn helpful skills for use at home, to advance their child’s progress and support the development of their new skills and competencies.

You can combine this pediatric therapy with medication and other types of psychological or behavioral therapy. However, for many kids, this modality is all they need to overcome their challenges.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy with a FUN Twist

At FUNctionabilities, we provide pediatric occupational therapy services for children with ADD and ADHD. However, as with all our pediatric therapy programs, fun is the basis for our occupational therapy programs

The work that children do in OT isn’t easy. In fact, they have to work hard to master the skills they’re learning, because they simply do not come naturally to attention-deficit kids. But, in our sensory-rich environment, it’s all fun and games – literally. They’re too busy having fun to realize they’re working hard to master important life skills.

But master them, they do. In fact, most families see progress after just a few sessions.

At FUNctionabilities, all our therapists are highly trained in their area of specialty. We are therapist-owned and operated, which provides significant advantages for your child. Our programs are affordable and, in most cases, health insurance covers some or all of our services.

Contact FUNctionabilities today to learn more. Based in Draper UT, we help children from throughout the Salt Lake City area and northern Utah. We look forward to showing you how pediatric occupational therapy can help your ADD or ADHD child.