FUNctionabilities puts the fun in pediatric occupational therapy and speech therapy as well as massage and feeding therapies.

Located in Draper, Utah, our pediatric therapy clinic is therapist-owned and run. We help children throughout the Salt Lake City area overcome a variety of challenges such as ADD and ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome and a variety of other neurodevelopmental and cognitive disorders.

We deliver our cutting-edge, evidence-based services in a facility designed specifically to engage and challenge children. At FUNctionabilities, we help kids learn to play and play to learn.

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Making Pediatric Therapy Fun

The progress children make in our programs can be truly astonishing, with most families seeing clear progress in just a few sessions.

The work kids must do in speech and occupational therapy can be hard but, with our programs, they’re having too much fun to notice. Our highly trained therapists evaluate your child and design programs that challenge him or her just enough. This creates the ideal environment for growth and progress.

Our sensory-rich environment, including a 2,500 square foot pediatric therapy gym, motivates your child to explore and enjoy as they participate in their own skills development and push past their current limitations.

Speech Therapy for Kids

Speech therapy – also known as speech-language pathology – helps children articulate and comprehend language, enhancing both social and academic skills.

We have programs appropriate for kids ranging from toddlers to teens. Our speech-language pathologists (therapists) evaluate your child to determine his or her exact needs.

The FUNctionabilities pediatric speech therapy programs are ideal for children with autism, down syndrome, stuttering, cerebral palsy, articulation disorders, auditory processing disorders and more. They’re also perfect for kids who just need a little help communicating, to enhance their social and academic skills.

Our speech therapists can also assist your child with feeding and swallowing disorders, cleft lip and palate challenges and other oral motor disorders.

Occupational Therapy for Kids

Pediatric occupational therapy assists children with any or all of their daily tasks, which may include personal hygiene, getting dressed, eating, playing, learning and social interactions.

Using principles of kinesiology (body mechanics) and sensory integration, we have created an environment in which we help kids thrive while improving their daily functioning. Our occupational therapists assist children in regulating movement, increasing understanding and choosing appropriate behavioral responses which, in turn, help improve their function at home, in school and in the community.

At FUNctionabilities, children master new skills, gain independence and improve their overall health and well-being. But, if you ask them, they were simply playing and having fun, rising to meet – or exceed – the challenges our compassionate therapists put forth.

Our highly effective programs are 100 percent natural – no medications or risks of side effects – and affordable. Insurance covers many of our services but we also offer a cash-pay program.

At FUNctionabilities, we don’t believe your child should have to wait to become their best self. We schedule your child’s initial evaluation as quickly as possible and begin therapy as soon as you’re ready to move forward. Most families see results within the first few sessions.

If you’re ready to help your child learn, grow, thrive and succeed, contact us today to learn more about our Salt Lake City pediatric therapy facility, as well as our pediatric speech therapy and occupational therapy programs.