Sarah Carroll, Care Coordinator

Sarah Carroll grew up in Cache Valley, Utah. She spent her childhood playing in the outdoors, often camping and hiking with her family. As a child she wanted to grow up and be a barrel horse racer. That dream ended after being bucked off a horse. Twice. Her freshman year of high school, she and her family moved to Delta, Utah. During that time, she was editor of the high school newspaper, played on the softball team, and was cast in several plays. After high school, she attended Southern Utah University for a year majoring in Political Science. It was during that time that she started dating her now husband, Brett. Sarah’s hobbies include playing video games, reading, disc golfing, and forcing her husband to watch old cheesy movies while she sings along to all the songs.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys getting together with friends to play board games, Dungeons and Dragons, or hold an impromptu Mario Kart Tournament. She loves Lord of the Rings, maybe a little too much, and hopes to go to New Zealand and hike to Mordor. One of her skills is making personalized figurines out of clay. She loves animals, particularly her cat, Pascal. Her personal hero is Jane Beckwith, one of her high school teachers who always inspires her to do her very best. Her favorite superhero is Batman simply because, “He’s the best.” Spending time with her little family (husband, and mostly her cat) is what makes her happiest.

“Because I’m little.” – Ash, Fantastic Mr. Fox

Dani Bunker, Therapy Liaison

Dani Bunker was raised in a small town named Delta, Utah. She spent most of her time in the grocery store her parents owned, which resulted in her becoming a grocery store snob. Dani has two half siblings and one full. Her older sister is 13 years older, brother 12 years older, and little sister 10 years younger, so you could say she was an only child growing up. In high school, she played softball, with her friend Sarah we all know and love, her freshman and sophomore year, then switched over to golf. There was already a girl’s association in Utah so she could not continue playing on the boy’s team. Dani gathered 6 girls and created Delta High’s first girl’s golf team. After high school, she decided on the tech school route and attended Ameritech in the Dental Technician program. She worked in a Dental Lab for 6 and a half years before coming to join the FUNctionabilities team.

Dani enjoys spending time with her husband, Dick, but mostly her fur baby Diggs, a border collie-husky. Diggs will have to learn how to share due to another little one on the way coming end of December.