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Pediatric Therapy Specialists


  1. Real and Lasting Change

    Kaylyn and August have brought about real and lasting change with our students – either by correcting the core of the problem or by teaching the student coping strategies.  These changes have impacted every area of their life, not just school.  We love and appreciate the results we are seeing!

    Mary, Special Education Director
  2. So Grateful

    I cannot express how grateful I am for the work you’ve done with Taigan. I have seen the friendship and trust you both have with him, and it means so much to me. He truly will miss both of you. I’ve been so impressed with how FUNctionabilities is more than a business to you both – you really care about these kids, and have a special gift to be able to reach and connect with them. Thank you for sharing that. We were worried when we moved here from Idaho that we wouldn’t be able to find anything for Taigan, and – miracle of miracles – you were just opening your doors. It was a tender mercy for us, and if we end up needing more help, we’ll be happy to see you both again.

    Casey, Mother
  3. Thank You

    Thank you for giving me my surprise shirt. I like all your toys for practicing. You are awesome sauce. I love you.

    T.S., Age 5
  4. Awesome

    This place is awesome! My son has already improved and they have an amazing motor room! The therapists are great and work well with little kids. I would recommend this place to anyone!

    Chantel, Mother
  5. Amazing

    My introduction to FUNctionabilities was accidental, but destined… I have know August and Kaylyn for a long time, but only as massage therapist (the BEST I might add). During a massage, we started chatting about family, as we normally do. I mentioned my concern about a few things with my 7 year old, she was diagnosed with SPD a couple of years ago, and things were really becoming strained for her in school. August and Kaylyn, almost in unison, said “We should talk later”. And so we did. The conversation started out with them asking me a few questions about my daughter and before I knew it, they were giving me a list of things that were spot on regarding behaviors we were experiencing with her. They had such insight and advice about what we had been dealing with. I made an appointment for an evaluation for the very next week. Our daughter fell in love with the therapy and the therapists immediately. She has made such progress, its astounding! They have opened our eyes to so many aspects of her behavior and struggles that we had no idea were tied to the SPD. Her reading skills have improved so much that her teacher said to us recently, “I don’t know what they are doing, but it is working!” We also tried over and over to teach her to tie her shoes, she has wanted to be able to do so on her own for a very long time. They taught her to do it in 2 minutes! AMAZING and our daughter is so proud! Thank you August and Kaylyn!

    Kristiane, Mother
  6. Changed Our Lives

    I struggled to get services for my child in the school system. I took them the evaluation that FUNctionabilites completed and was able to get services for him. Now he is thriving in therapy at FUNctionabilities and and has more support at school. FUNctionabilities changed our lives!

    Wendy, Mother
  7. I Never Want To Leave

    I love FUNctionabilities. I never want to leave here. They have helped me grow so much and I always had fun.

    J.W., Age 12
  8. Friendly and Energetic

    The therapists at FUNctionabilites are friendly, energetic, and love what they do. The children they work with have fun and hardly know they are working. Yet the progression FUNctionabilites helps them to achieve in their occupational therapy is noticeable.

    Chad, Special Education Director
  9. So Excited

    I spent 2 hours trying to teach my 8 year old to tie his shoes but the therapist at FUNctionabilities taught him to tie his shows in 2 minutes. He was so excited the next day when he could tie his own shoes for school!

    Camille, Mother
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"We love FUNctionabilities! The staff is friendly, the therapists are amazing, helpful and loving. My son goes for occupational therapy and has made great progress while having so much fun." (Laurie A.)

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